What is PromoRev IW?

PromoRev IW is a speedy customizable Instant-Win promotion platform built for Facebook and Mobile. It’s quick to set up, fun to use, and will make your users squeal with joy.

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Lots of real-estate to effectively convey your brand’s look and feel.

Add prizes, and change copy to match your brand’s personality and promotion goals.


Separate layouts for Facebook and Mobile provide users with the best possible experience across platforms.

Add any registration fields you need, including email opt-ins.


People love games. People love winning prizes. Put them together for an unbeatable combination. Available Intant-win games:

  • Spin the Wheel
  • Match the Cards
  • Scratch Off

More to come!


Simple flow with easy returning entrant function.

Fun to use so your Facebook fans are coming back for more.


Expect to see a boost in people talking about your brand as they share on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Sit back and watch your fan base grow.

Optionally allow your entrants to automatically share their entries to their Facebook Timeline.


Your customized dashboard gives you real-time access to analytics and information such as entrant demographics, new fans acquired, returning entrants, number of shares, and much more.



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Want to know more about PromoRev?

Are you looking to do something beyond a Facebook promotion?

We can help you expand your audience through a unified platform for Social Media, Web, Mobile Web, Applications for iPhone & Android, and Text Messaging. Our platform has seen everything from Fortune 500 to celebrity tweets and we've handled over 1,000 successful promotions.

Want a simple front & back page with a listing of all our capabilities? Then download this pdf! Contains bullet points and short descriptions of everything we offer, from social media to mobile to web and more.

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